Apple iOS 16 will support adding virtual cards in Safari to improve online shopping security

According to 9to5Mac, Apple iOS 16 brings some new features to Apple Pay, including a payment API for the CarPlay app, order tracking for the wallet app, and more. Right now, Apple seems to have been making some other changes, judging by iOS 16 beta 3 hinting at support for virtual cards in Safari for online shopping.

9to5Mac found in internal code of iOS 16 beta 3 that Apple has been working on a new system that integrates virtual cards with the Safari browser to improve the security of online shopping.

For those unfamiliar with shopping sites, some banks and credit card providers offer virtual cards with the option to buy ios reviews generate a one-time alternative number for a credit or debit card. If a user’s card data is compromised, the virtual card number can be cancelled without having to apply for a new card to the bank.

According to code from the latest beta version of iOS 16, Safari will finally support virtual card numbers. Currently, Apple Pay already provides a security number for each transaction, but this new feature will work on sites that don’t accept Apple Pay.

The code content is as follows:

Make this card available in Safari AutoFill and hide your real card number when shopping online.

Keep using your card. When shopping online, it now works in Safari AutoFill, hiding your real card information.

For added security, the site will now use a virtual card number, which can be used in Safari autofill.

The feature appears to be similar to what Google introduced in Android 13. At this time, it is unclear whether this feature will be available to everyone, and whether it will require support from banks and card providers.