Google settles discrimination lawsuit with 15,000 employees for $118 million

Google has agreed to pay $118 million (about 800 million yuan) to settle sex discrimination lawsuits with about 15,500 female employees, the law firm that is suing Google on behalf of female employees said in a statement Friday. .

In addition to compensation, an independent expert will analyze Google’s hiring practices and an independent labor economist will review the company’s pay equity research, Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LL and Altshuler Berzon LLP said in a statement. The settlement could not be confirmed through the court event table.

The Google settlement must be approved by a judge. The hearing, which has received preliminary approval, is scheduled for June 21, the two law firms said.

“As a woman who has worked in tech her entire career, I am optimistic that the actions Google agreed to take in the settlement will ensure more equity for women,” Holly Pease said in a statement. She said she was one of the plaintiffs.

The Google settlement involves women in 236 different positions, according to the law firm. The woman leading the lawsuit cited an analysis by University of California, Irvine economist David Neumark in a court filing that said Google paid female employees about $16,794 less a year than “men in similar positions.” Dollar. By contrast, similar lawsuits against Twitter and Microsoft failed to qualify for class action.